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Smart rental d.o.o. was founded in Croatia in 2014 and operates in three locations: Zagreb, Rijeka and Novi Marof, and provides clients with vehicle rental services and fleet management.
With Smart rental, you can be sure that you will get excellent cars, regularly maintained and that you will be supported by the best customer service.

 — Krešimir Kranjac, Director of Smart rental



Fran Kranjec’s career started at the age of 3 driving karts. The first race he drove was held at the Novi Marof karting track, on his home turf, and he immediately showed incredible talent for a beginner. Already at the age of 14, he started driving car races with Smart, the Croatian championship in auto slalom, time trial and technical disciplines.

2010. Class I

2011. Class I

2012. Class I

2013. Class I

2014. Class II- Mini 60: 13th place

2015. Class IV- Rotax Micro Max: 2nd place

2016. Class IV- Rotax Micro Max: 1st place

2017. Class II- Rotax Micro Max: 2nd place

2018. Class III- Rotax Mini Max; 1st place

2019. Class IV- Rotax Max Junior; drove only 1 race, and was 1st.

2021. Class IV- Rotax Max Junior; 2nd place

2022. In progress

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